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Community Commitment | Place Bridge Academy – Power Lunch

Place Bridge

EKS&H is proud to support Place Bridge Academy (PBA), a K-8 Denver Public School with more than 1,000 students. In addition to a beginning-of-the-year school supply drive, more than 50 of our employees have also been enthusiastic participants in the Mile High United Way’s Power Lunch Program at PBA since 2012.

The Power Lunch Program, a part of the DPS School Partners Program, helps ensure all children are reading at their grade level or beyond by the end of the third grade by bringing together businesses and schools to help students develop a love of reading. Through this program, we get a chance to change the lives of children. As part of the program, EKS&H volunteers go every other week to read one on one with a child for 45 minutes. Research has identified third-grade literacy as a key indicator for the future success of children. This is likely because students “learn to read” through third grade and then switch to “reading to learn” thereafter. Therefore, if they struggle to read, they will struggle to learn other subjects.

Although promoting literacy and developing a passion for reading are the ultimate goals, the friendships and expanded perspectives of both the students and volunteers are just as important.

For a short video featuring several EKS&H professionals who participate in the Power Lunch Program, please click