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Message from the CEO



It is hard to believe that fall is nearly over, but with the kids back in school, leaves fallen from the trees, and rapidly cooling weather, that is all the proof that we need.

This fall at EKS&H, we’re continuing our conversations that began last summer about servant leadership and serving others. Servant leadership, from our perspective, is both a philosophy and principle, and a practice. As such, our employee training now incorporates concrete lessons about how to better serve others, and our Purpose Committee and Culture Committee are actively looking for more ways to apply the practice into the everyday work we do. We strongly believe this philosophy fuels the true trusted business advisor role that we aim for with our clients. Beyond that, however, we believe it is also a helpful practice to take with our families and in our communities.

While as human beings we don’t believe anyone can ever reach servant leader perfection, we continue talking about it and strive to find ways to practice it. For more information about servant leadership, check out our “Organization Strategy” article written by audit partner Brad McQueen.

In our opinion, at EKS&H, some of the best examples of servant leadership come from the just announced new partner group. We are pleased to say that this year, we are promoting a record eight individuals to partner. These firm leaders represent the best and brightest from all areas in the firm, including our Consulting, Audit and Tax groups. These folks have already had a profound effect on many current clients. We look forward to the service they’ll provide many more clients in the years to come. For more information about our new partners, be sure to check out the Awards and Advancements article in this newsletter.

As always, we will close by thanking you, our clients and friends, for choosing to work with EKS&H. We wish you great success during the last few months of the year. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Bob Hottman