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Client Spotlight | Haynes Mechanical

Haynes Mechanical

Hayes MechanicalTechnology and Energy ServicesEKS&H is pleased to serve Haynes Mechanical Systems with a variety of business consulting services to help the company meet its goal of long-term success. Areas for strategic discussion have included succession, modeling, and structuring as well as overall direction.

Founded on a proven 50-year history in the commercial heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry, Haynes forges long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that provide client-centric mechanical, technology, financial, and energy-driven solutions. These partnerships lay a foundation for a more productive and results-oriented way for a client to leverage their buildings as part of their overall business strategy, enabling them to achieve their specific business goals and objectives. Utilizing experience, expertise, and the latest technologies, Haynes provides enhanced visibility into a client’s operational performance and uncovers actionable and quantifiable insights, typically resulting in reduced cost of operations, lowered energy consumption, increased staff productivity, and better economic performance.

The company’s customer service philosophy involves doing not just what is asked, but understanding, communicating, and providing what is required to exceed clients’ expectations. Haynes’ professional associates approach each project with a collaboration mindset, resulting in aligned strategies and world-class results.

This conscientious approach extends to employees as well. The company believes in providing the resources to help each associate develop their career and support themselves and their families. Associates are encouraged to take ownership of their work, which provides the best value to clients.

With three offices in Colorado and one in Arizona, Haynes Mechanical Systems has received impressive recognition, including public acknowledgement from Governor Roy Romer in 1994 for a reduction in the use of chlorofluorocarbons; receipt of the Linc Contractor of the Year award in 2003 and 2013; inclusion in the Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list in 2011; and receipt of Xcel Energy’s Energy Efficiency Partner Award in 2014.

EKS&H Tax Partner Jeff Watkins, who has worked closely with Haynes Mechanical Systems, says, “We’re delighted to offer services to a great family that includes the founder; his son, the CEO; and the COO. In addition to business consulting, we work closely with them regarding tax planning and compliance, accounting, systems integration, and IT. We also participate in annual budget meetings to help them plan for each coming year. It’s a great business and a great relationship!”