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Message from the CEO


Time is flying by, and spring is rapidly turning into summer! March 31 and April 15 (important dates for many of our firm’s audit and tax clients) seem like ages ago. And, a late spring flurry of projects for our technology and transactions consultants have made this season feel like a whirlwind.

Lately the topic on everyone’s mind seems to be this year’s election. There is either a candidate or an issue that they either love or hate (or in most cases, plenty of both!) While I love the model on which our government is founded, I sometimes wonder if the kinds of elections, parties, and campaigns that it has created are necessary. If you’re one of the few people satisfied with our current process, congratulations.

Maybe it is worse living in Colorado where the political commercials, mailers, and phone calls get multiplied and amplified as a result of being dubiously identified a “swing state.” It seems to me that most people have grown tired of the primary and election circus that now begins more than a year prior to November 4. Don’t get me started on the amount of money that is raised and spent. (Surely the $2 billion spent on the 2012 presidential campaign could have gone to a better use.)

Sometimes I’m asked how I think an election or a particular candidate will impact the local or national economy. While it’s tempting to repeat one of the talking heads that claim the sky will fall depending on election results, the data — at least when it comes to the markets — tell a different story. Recent research by one global financial company indicated that the business cycle, and its impact on corporate earnings, has a much greater impact on market performance than which party is in power. Certainly politicians are able to influence spending and public policy, but there are usually more factors at play.

Whatever your opinion or your beliefs, we hope you give this next election the attention and focus it deserves — and not an ounce more.

At EKS&H, we’ll continue working hard for our clients, no matter what business — or political — climate we find ourselves in before or after the next election. If you have questions or comments about the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Bob Hottman