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Message from the CEO


It is summer again! And for many of us, that means getting outside as much as possible.

Every couple of years, however, I spend a little more time inside watching the Olympic Games. (For both the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics, I have been called a little “obsessed.”)

One reason I like the Olympic Games so much is that people interact with others who are different than them, which provides the opportunity to teach us something new and often brings out our best. In my view, this is true whether you’re talking about sports teams from different countries or department teams throughout an organization.

Another reason I like the Olympics is that the athletes (the non-doping kind) are a solid example of how successful businesses operate. These athletes determine what they exceed at and train for this with singular focus. Family, friends, and sometimes coworkers support these athletes in the months and years before a competition by taking care of the other necessary responsibilities. In the business world, we want our clients to act similarly: focus on what they do best (whether that be developing software, providing healthcare, brewing beer, or providing specialized services) and find business partners that can take care of the rest.

A few months ago, to help our clients focus on what they do best, we expanded our outsourced accounting solutions group with the acquisition of Rivington Financial Services (read more here). With our shared experience serving the energy industry and our mutual desire to help these companies by handling their accounting functions, the opportunity to join forces made perfect sense. Together, we now offer businesses and organizations a team of more than 50 experienced accounting and industry professionals who can provide resources, recommendations, and actionable process improvements.

If you’d like to know more about how we may supplement your accounting system or entire function on a one-time, temporary, or permanent basis, please let us know. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. And I think you’ll be pleased to find out that we’ve got this!

Have a wonderful summer. Spend some time outside having fun and inside cheering on team USA!


Bob Hottman