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Client Spotlight | Rocky Mountain Orthodontics


EKS&H has had the pleasure of serving Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO) since 2001. The relationship has been built on a foundation of mutual trust as EKS&H has provided a wide range of services, including audit, tax, financial modeling, systems integration, IT management, and business consulting services as well as estate and tax planning for the company’s owners.

Denver-based, RMO, has been in business since the 1930s. RMO is the first privately held orthodontic firm in the U.S., and its founder, Dr. Archie Brusse, was a thought leader during the industry’s early stages. The company stayed in the Brusse family until 2008. In 2008 RMO was purchased by Tony Zakhem and Jody Hardy, long-time employees of the company who will carry on its legacy. Since its inception, RMO has been known for its innovation in the orthodontic community.

The company’s product list is extensive and includes adhesives, bands, aesthetic brackets, metal brackets, equipment, instruments, systems, tubes, wires, and a mobile application called Dental Monitoring.™ In addition, the company has a computer-aided diagnostic system called RMODS that helps doctors with diagnostics and treatment planning for orthodontic cases.

EKS&H Audit Partner Kreg Brown works closely with RMO. “We have been able to meet our goal to be a trusted business advisor by creatively helping them find solutions to pressing problems,” Kreg said. “That means providing the services ourselves when we can or referring them to partners we trust. We have helped create a smooth transition to the new owners, offered guidance for becoming a more sustainable company, worked with them on ways to improve their corporate culture, and saved them money by navigating the complex tax code. We’re honored to have built a long-term and deep relationship with such a respected company.”