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Community Commitment | Larimer County Natural Resources Trail Crew

Larimer County National Resources Trail Crew

Larimer County Natural ResourcesThe Larimer County Natural Resources Trail Crew is responsible for maintaining trails in Larimer County in northern Colorado. Considering the amount of use the trails get, this maintenance is not always an easy task, which is why the group is always looking for volunteers to help. On June 9, for the fourth year in a row, EKS&H employees stepped up to move rocks and debris, clear paths for new trails, and build steps on existing trails so local hikers, bikers, runners, and horseback riders can have a better experience.

Audit Manager Becky Leach has led the effort each year. “In past years we did something called breaking new tread, which means digging out part of the side of the hill where a new trail will be and building a rock wall, which involves lifting and carrying rocks of up to 1,000 pounds,” Leach said. “This work is all done by hand using rock net and rock bars. Starting a new trail also includes cleaning and moving duff (a combination of needles and decomposed trees).”

“This year we did something a little different. We built a set of check steps, which is like a mini staircase on a trail. We did this by peeling the bark off trees the trail crew had already cut down. This process prevents rot, meaning the trees will remain solid for longer. Then we dug holes on either side of the trail, set the logs across it, and put big rocks on top so the logs wouldn’t move.”

This year 12 EKS&H employees participated. The group has gradually grown from four participants in the first year. Leach said, “This activity is now one of the options for EKS&H’s free volunteer day. It’s very hard work, but some people return every year because they love it.”

For information about volunteering with Larimer County Natural Resources, please contact Pam Mayhew at 970-619-4552 or