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Message from the CEO

EKSH office

We are always humbled to acknowledge that EKS&H has been honored with multiple “best company to work for” type awards over the years. The accumulation of accolades has never been a company goal, yet we can see a pretty straight line from great people to great culture (and also great clients!)

The effectiveness and success of our staff is a primary focus of our firm — not just so we can see smiling faces around the office (though that’s a nice benefit), but also because happy employees produce great work, which makes for happy clients. It has long been one of the keys to our success.

In recent years our success has led to healthy growth – both in terms of traditional accounting, audit, and tax services, but increasingly in our advisory, transaction, technology staff and consulting services. Partially in response to this growth (and the diversified needs of our diverse and talented professionals), we’ve relocated our Denver headquarters to a new LEED-certified office. It’s just a block away from our previous location, but worlds apart in terms of being the right fit for how we work now.

If you haven’t yet, please update your records with our new headquarters address: 8181 East Tufts Avenue, Suite 600, Denver, CO 80237-2579.

To determine what changes were most needed in this new space, we spent two years gathering a tremendous amount of input from our people, truly taking an all-levels approach. (If we had left the design up to our leaders, it would have ended up looking very different and probably not met the needs of our tech-savvy next generation!)

In addition to new workspace considerations — such as extra areas for different kinds of collaboration — we’ve caught up with the latest technological advances, including the need for ubiquitous Wi-Fi, seamless Skype video for easy connection with remote individuals, and a state-of-the-art training facility for the hundreds of learning and development courses we provide our employees each year.

We’ve also included ergonomic workstations and a fitness area (complete with a part-time trainer), as well as a rest area with games and comfy places to relax. Employees told us that more natural light was important, so that’s a critical feature of the new space. If you have the opportunity, we strongly encourage you to come see the space.

While the transition has gone remarkably well, that doesn’t mean we haven’t learned some things. So we will leave you with a few lessons in case your organization thinks about changing its current or future space:

  1. Construction will take longer than you think, so leave time for that in every stage.
  2. Thorough planning may cost more up front, but will limit even more costly change orders later.
  3. Technology developments – both today’s and those that will occur in the future – should be central to every decision. Think of it as a potential strategic advantage rather than a cost.
  4. Finally, having a solutions-oriented team devoted to the change is crucial. Achieving success doesn’t happen without dedicated focus and effort. (We had a great internal and external team who made this transition successful!)

As we mentioned, we welcome the opportunity to connect with you in this new and special space. Watch for an announcement soon with details about an open house to take place this fall.

Until next time, wishing you a happy, healthy, and enjoyable end to summer!

Bob Hottman