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Junior Achievement

Valuing community relationships is an important part of EKS&H’s corporate culture, and our business advisers are actively involved in the communities they serve. For example, we recently worked with Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain Inc. through its “JA in a Day” program.

On Nov. 15, more than 25 EKS&H employees went to Dalton Elementary School in south Aurora to teach half-day financial literacy, business and economics classes. Combined, our employees volunteered more than 140 hours with students in kindergarten through fifth grade. In conjunction with the volunteer day, the firm organized a school supply drive that provided notebooks, folders, pencils and other art supplies to students.

During JA in a Day, students learn about various aspects of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. For instance, in kindergarten, students learn about “Ourselves” and individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work. Students in second grade learn about “Our Community” and have a chance to see how money moves through their community, creating jobs and generating tax proceeds that pay for schools, parks and streets. In fifth grade, students study “Our Nation,” where they begin to learn about economic concepts such as opportunity cost and supply and demand.

The results and impact of Junior Achievement are clear. Of those students who participate:

  • 70 percent said that JA connected what they learn in the classroom to real life.
  • 72 percent said that JA made them realize the importance of staying in school.
  • 76 percent said that JA helped them prepare for the future.

Kudos and congratulations to the EKS&H employees who spent time preparing and teaching these students: Alex Monteith, Ally Brown, Andrew Rosenthaler, Ben Yeh, Brent Erickson, Carey Barta, Chris Edwards, Courtney Wagner, Craig Choun, Emily Boerner, Holly Keating, Jan Beasley, Jeff Belair, Jen Reavis, Josh Culberson, Julie Covelli, Justine Rolling, Kate Rundles, Kelsea Warren, Laura Flynn, Lyle Bauman, Megan Hawkins, Melissa Blansit, Michelle Schoenike, Mick Mrozek, Nate Jecminek, Sarah Kihm, Stephani Ember and Tina Gray.

For more information about Junior Achievement and how you can get involved, please visit