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Message From the CEO


Dear Friends,

2016 marks the 10th year of our Business Outlook Survey report and the 9th year of our Nonprofit Outlook Survey report. We believe these reports offer valuable and actionable insights to help inform your plans for the coming year. This year’s responses revealed a more tempered approach to growth than expressed in 2015, perhaps due to the upcoming presidential election, as well mixed financial results in the past year.

With a less aggressive stance on moving forward, 2016 might be a great time for your company or organization to look inward and think about how to make the most of the resources you have available. What elements of your business can you think about differently? Your products or services? Processes? Supply chain? Technology? Marketing? Investors? What can you put together or deconstruct to create new strategies to drive and accelerate your efforts toward achieving your goals?

For example, the federal interest rate went up in 2015; however, it is still very low from a historic perspective. You can use this information to your advantage, such as focusing on inventory and receivables management to ensure a favorable position when interest rates continue to rise. Or, with a slower business pace, consider focusing efforts on needed marketing tasks or exploring new product offerings.

Another factor facing businesses and organizations, specifically in Colorado, this year is potential legislative changes. If passed, Amendment 69 would make Colorado the first state with a single-payer healthcare system. The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (DMCC) has released its position, as communicated in a recent newsletter:

“For us, the cost of this proposal alone … was reason enough for us to begin researching the impacts of this ballot issue. Clearly, a tax increase of this magnitude could have significant impacts on all of us, from our quality of life to our economic vitality for our region and the state, making it the right issue for us to tackle.”

Whether you agree with this assessment or not, I urge you to learn more through research and talking with friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors, and to express your opinion on Election Day. For more information on this ballot issue, visit

Healthcare overall continues to be a hot topic with year-end reporting and new Affordable Care Act requirements. This important issue will continue to be at the forefront of our national discussions about how to move forward as a country. Many other key issues will continue to be examined as well, including globalization, technology, and a changing workforce. All of these factors have a tremendous impact on the individuals and businesses we serve. Know that we carefully consider these issues as part of our offerings as your trusted business advisor.

To better serve you, we grew the services provided by our International Advisory Group (IAG) in 2015, which included building stronger partnerships with global affiliate firms and networks, and we are in the initial stages of opening our EKS&H West Coast office in San Francisco. In prior years, we expanded services in business analytics to strengthen and expand the data, security, IT, and software offerings of our business technology group.

I’m incredibly proud of the people who work to ensure that, in the midst of these kinds of shifts, one thing that doesn’t change is the unparalleled service that you expect working with EKS&H.

Bob Hottman