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Client Spotlight | Denver Wholesale Florist

Client Spotlight

EKS&H has been pleased to provide a range of services to assist 107-year old company Denver Wholesale Florist (DWF) since 2004. They include audit, tax, consulting, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) assistance, IT advisory, and business intelligence and marketing support. Though it has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history, in 2015 and 2016, DWF celebrated two of its most successful years.

The company sells beautiful fresh flowers that are of the best quality in the Denver metro area. DWF’s knowledge about flowers has earned it the trust of many Denver retail florists. Staff are available to provide meticulous service for weddings and other special events. Locations in 13 other cities throughout the U.S. provide the same level of service as the original Denver location.

DWF started by marketing and distributing carnations, roses, and other types of flowers grown in Colorado. By the 1970s, Colorado was the carnation capital of the world, with DWF leading the way. At that time, the company sold over 100 million carnations annually. By the 1980s, significant flower production had moved to South America, so DWF reinvented itself by developing strong relationships with growers outside the U.S. Today the company is a leader in the floral industry, and recently became employee owned, fostering an environment that promotes professional advancement and concern for others.

One service that has been particularly useful to DWF is business intelligence support. EKS&H Consulting Senior Manager Dan Domagala, who has worked closely with DWF, notes, “With 14 branches across the country, they can analyze what’s working well at one location, and then replicate the same strategy at other sites.” In addition, EKS&H helped the company identify the need for a customer experience manager, and introduced DWF executives to the person who would eventually fill this role.

Domagala is impressed with the company’s culture. He says, “They value people, as we do, and this makes for a very strong partnership. We are honored to serve as a trusted business advisor for DWF and, beyond that, it’s truly a pleasure to work with them.”