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Community Commitment | Dumb Friends League


EKS&H has provided audit, tax and business consulting services to the Dumb Friends League for the past five years. Our experts advise the organization on business trends, audits and tax returns, so it can focus on its mission.

The League is the largest community‐based animal welfare agency in the Rocky Mountain region, seeking to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. In fiscal year 2016 alone, the Dumb Friends League adopted, reunited or transferred more than 19,000 animals and performed 8,400 donor-subsidized spay and neuter surgeries in underserved areas of Denver through their mobile units. It is a national leader in the animal welfare industry and its rescue, care and adoption models are emulated by similar organizations with which they consult. The agency seeks to make a good match between adopters and the animal friends they choose, taking into consideration such factors as the specific type of home and property owned by the patron, whether anyone will be home during the day, and whether kids are present. Post‐adoption, the organization provides behavioral training support to create the best possible chance of adopted animals remaining permanently in their new home. “Everything they do is at the highest standard of quality you can imagine,” says EKS&H Audit Partner Ann Hinkins. “It’s phenomenal to see how they rescue animals and give them a new start at life.”

Hinkins meets quarterly with Dumb Friends League staff, most regularly with the CEO, COO and CFO, to figure out how EKS&H can best help them with upcoming and long‐term opportunities, including executive personnel transitions, technology issues, and facility updates and expansions. “The more we know about an organization, the better we can advise them and help them be successful,” notes Hinkins. An added bonus of her meetings is the chance to visit with kittens and puppies, though the League also helps many other kinds of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, and bunnies, to name a few.

In addition to maintaining a business relationship, EKS&H contributes volunteer hours and fundraising dollars help to the agency. EKS&H has supported Lulu’s Barkin’ BBQ charity dinner featuring a celebrity guest performance, and employees participate in telethons and the annual Furry Scurry team walk, as well as volunteering in the shelter and adopting animals into their own families. “DFL aligns very well with EKS&H’s philosophy,” observes Hinkins. “Both organizations focus on quality and demonstrate the highest level of care about what they do.”

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