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Message from the CEO


Like all organizations, EKS&H is subject to cycles related to the economy, finance, and the industries we serve. Sometimes those cycles converge into conditions that call out “opportunity.”

This was true in 2014 when we observed how critical a strong technology strategy had become to our clients’ success. In response, we made the decision to expand our technology group and bring in a great team which expanded our range of technology products, services, and strategies.

Three years later, we have found ourselves in a similar situation. Mergers and acquisitions have become important for our clients to grow and expand, and private investors have changed the way businesses raise capital.

Because of these shifting dynamics, we wanted to be better able to assist clients during this most significant change in their businesses, careers, and potentially lives. Recognizing this, and having a related transaction advisory service already firmly in place, we have launched EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC, an investment banking and corporate finance organization closely associated with our firm.

In response to this news, we’ve heard similar questions from many clients. Below are a few of those questions and our answers:

What will EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC actually do?

The organization enters the market with deep and broad expertise offering clients a wide variety of transaction-related services, including representing companies interested in pursuing a sale or acquisition (finding buyers or sellers, negotiation representation, etc.), representing companies looking to raise capital (equity or debt), and providing strategic advice throughout the lifecycle of a business as it relates to equity, debt, and change of control.

Who is on the EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC team?

Leading the team is Adams Price, a Denver-based investment banker with deep experience across many industry verticals. EKS&H Partner Lori Gibson will help lead the charge in integrating EKS&H’s transaction advisory services with the investment banking services of EKS&H Capital Advisors. The team is rounded out with two vice presidents, Aaron Linnebach and Jayson Gitt, who both come from middle-market and bulge-bracket investment banking firms.

What does EKS&H bring to the market that other IBs don’t?

EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC is an investment bank backed by a world-class CPA firm, leveraging the best resources across the disciplines necessary to provide a total investment banking solution to the market. The ability to provide investment banking, tax, estate, due diligence, and through our affiliated entities is unique in the middle market.

Where will EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC be working?

Serving EKS&H clients and others, EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC will go where the market is.  The middle market is currently flush with businesses and their investors. Many companies are privately owned by baby boomers who will likely be thinking about transition in the near future. Recent changes to the regional investment banking market have also resulted in an unmet need for these types of services. Eventually the organization will grow its focus to serving clients throughout the western U.S.

At EKS&H, we have never been shy about striking while the iron is hot and creating value for our clients through new offerings. No matter what type of transaction your company is considering, we offer our best wishes for a successful outcome for all parties involved.

Of course, we would love to be of service, so don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help.

Bob Hottman

Investment banking services and securities offered through DCF, LLC Broker|Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC.

EKS&H Capital Advisors LLC and DCF, LLC are unaffiliated.