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The challenge of recruiting


By Sandra Wiley

Recruiting has risen to the top of the strategy list for organizations of all sizes.

We are witnessing a shift in how businesses connect and communicate their strengths to the world and therefore, to their prospective employees. The latest social-recruiting tactics are at an all-time high. Firms are investing, recruiters are ramping up their efforts and candidates are sharing via social media. Many organizations recognize the need to ramp up and change their efforts in recruiting, but when the strategies are reviewed, they feel a little like the same old same old. It is imperative that business leaders understand the candidate and employee mindset changes and then drive strategy change at all levels.

Social media has proven extremely powerful in our world today; therefore, any argument for not embracing new recruiting methods via online resources is short sighted. Social technologies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and your firm’s website continue to accelerate the rate at which relationships develop, transform the way in which information is shared and forever alter the way in which influence takes hold. So, where does an organization start? Here are a few ideas to move your firm forward.

  • Involve marketing. Your message has to be unique and special. It has to catch your recruits’ attention and make them feel instantly like they want to be a part of your firm culture. Find the person in your firm, or in an outsourced partner, who has a gift for writing that message. Just as the resume is often the make or break point in applying for a job, the message that individuals see on your website, LinkedIn and other social media is your best chance of capturing the best and the brightest candidates.
  • Refresh your website. It is shocking how many firms have a website that still looks like a paper brochure. Websites are meant to be interactive, always changing and entertaining, even for a public accounting firm. The first place a recruit will go to find out about your firm is your website. Does it tell your story? Does it make someone want to get to know you better? If you are not sure, ask your newest staff members to look at it and give you suggestions on changing it.
  • Start a blog. Intellectual capital is your friend, but you have to spend time with it. Blogs are a quick and easy way to share little pieces of what you know with the world. Young professionals love to learn, and they also love the web. Become famous for your blog; “talk” to young professionals, and you have another recruiting tool that will pay dividends.
  • Recruit 24/7/365. The days of recruiting at specific times of the year are over. You need to develop a written plan for recruiting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The plan should include a process that will put your firm’s message in the hands of potential team members on a consistent basis. The plan should be developed by a task force made up of marketing, human resources, an emerging leader and a partner. This collaborative group will make the difference in your overall strategy for recruiting amazing candidates, and ultimately, fabulous staff members.

As you move forward, let recruiting rise to the top of your firm’s priorities and strategy. Organizations that recruit better gain a competitive advantage. I encourage you to implement one or several of the ideas above to help your firm attract the top talent in your profession.

LEA_Sandra WileySandra Wiley is COO and shareholder at Boomer Consulting Inc. Reach her at (888) 266-6375, ext. 121, or