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President’s Message


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Welcome to The Leading Edge, our online publication designed to inform, educate and inspire you on the latest issues affecting the Greater Houston business community.

Because we have taken The Leading Edge online, we have a great deal of flexibility in posting articles more often, and that includes updating the PKF Texas blog ( with content designed to help you and your businesses, as well as opinion pieces written by dynamic thought leaders, from our team members and from members of the community.

Now to the articles in this issue. As it turns out, we have three related to regulations. First is an article about crowdfunding and SEC requirements related to financing projects through potential backers. Marty Lindle does a great job explaining what crowdfunding is and walks you through the regulations associated with it. Anyone who is in business and seeking funds should read this article.

The second article is by Christopher Dodd. In “A Brief Highlight of Changes in the Final Tangible Property Regulations,” he writes about the regulations that became effective Jan. 1, 2014, replacing and removing temporary regulations that were issued in 2011. He covers the topics of materials and supplies, routine maintenance and de minimis safe harbor as it pertains to the deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property.

The third article about regulations is an update on the Private Company Framework by Chris Hatten. Although there have not been any major changes on the Framework previously issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, there are some updates worth noting on the way FASB defines “public business entity” and what this may mean for your business.

Our Client Spotlight in this Issue is on The Greensheet. If you live in Houston or any of the surrounding areas, you are no doubt familiar with this publication, and over the last several years, the owners have made some interesting changes to the content and delivery. This is a very interesting case study, and the concepts apply to anyone doing business in an ever-improving technology-driven marketplace.

Our final article is from Erin O’Malley, a guest Cubester, who poses a very interesting question: If you’re new to a company, should you take advantage of flexible workplace policies? What is the upside and how does working remotely or keeping alternate hours affect your reputation? O’Malley does a great job of offering her own opinion and solutions that are applicable, again, to any business.

As always, our doors are open for your feedback and comments. Tell us how we’re doing, and how we can improve our relationships with you and your organizations.

Kenneth J. Guidry, CPA


GuidryK 2012 SM